BC Alumni Will and Anthony Nunziata Featured This Fall at Feinstein’s in NYC

Up and coming singer/actors (and identical twins) Will Nunziata and Anthony Nunziata, have joined creWillAnthony2_fall09ative forces with popular director Richard Jay-Alexander on a new concert/cabaret act to debut at Feinstein’s at the Loews Regency in New York City. The Feinstein’s dates are set for Monday September 21st and Monday October 5th, 2009, as part of the prestigious monday night series and, in this particular instance, with a personal invitation from the club’s John Iachetti – who put the boys together with their director.

Richard Jay-Alexander was ethusiastic in his comments about the talented twosome when asked how rehearsals were progressing. “I love working with these two guys. They are so insanely talented. I can’t wait for the audience to see them and witness their unique musicianship.”
Will and Anthony graduated from Boston College in 2006 and were quite active in the BC Theater community, performing in numerous mainstage and Bonn studio shows.  Will and Anthony were also featured annually in the Boston College Arts Festival in the spring.  Since graduation, the brothers have been performing in concert halls and theaters across the country. Their song repertoire includes fresh arrangements from the Classic Standards, Broadway, Italy, and beyond.

Both shows take place at 8:30 PM in Feinstein’s at the Lowes Regency on 540 Park Avenue (at 61st Street).  For ticket reservations, call 212-339-4095.  See article from broadwayworld.com.


One comment

  1. artscnl · September 14, 2009

    Congratulations Will and Anthony! What a great honor to be working with Richard Jay-Alexander!

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