Video Producer Creates New Networking Opportunity

Award-winning video producer and widely-recognized entrepeneur, Saya Hillman ’00, has expanded her digital media company, Mac ‘n’ Cheese Productions, to include a service for linking strangers to strangers, called Mac ‘n Cheese Minglers.  To date, her Minglers have attracted more than 400 people from around the Chicago area; people who want to expand their networks – professional, social, or romantic.  “Just for fun, I started throwing dinner parties out of my home a couple of years ago as a way for people to meet new people, and they’ve since become ridiculously popular, morphed into part of my business, and are now Mac ‘n Cheese Minglers,” states Saya.  “I’ve been approached by people all over, including Seattle, NYC, San Francisco, Boston, and London, about “franchising” the Minglers.”

Each “Mingler” includes 30-60 strangers, music, games, snacks, and drinks, in Saya’s comfortable Roscoe Village home in downtown Chicago.  It’s not an employment service, but people do get jobs out of the experience!  As another avenue to connect people, Saya also created Smatterings, a bi-monthly e-newsletter that ranges from grant opportunities to job openings to service referrals to activity ideas. Check it out!


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