New Books Are Available From Bob Parker ’50

"the People of Venezuela" from Bob Parker '50New books are available from Bob Parker, a 1950 graduate who is a writer and photographer. In retirement, he has exhibited his images in 25 venues throughout New Jersey, as well as in Manhattan and at St. John’s Prep, Danvers. Some of the exhibits have been with his wife Margot, an artist and photographer and a native of Venezuela. Their next joint exhibit will be at the New Providence, NJ Library in May, 2010.

Parker has recently been self-publishing his photographs. His books on Spain, Venezuela, and Europe may be seen at Go to: bookstore, then search his name: Robert A. Parker to review a generous sampling of pages. The Images: Europe, his latest book, runs 240 pages, and also includes entries from his travel journals. His latest project is a literary work, Three Steps to Easter, which describes a year Parker and his wife spent in Spain. They became close friends with two families in Granada, and also experienced the Winter Festival in Malaga and Semana Santa, or Holy Week, in Sevilla.  Parker would welcome contact with others in the NY/NJ area who are interested in photography.

You may also review Parker’s photography at: Go to Vol 1, No 2, 2007.


One comment

  1. kate · February 12, 2010

    I checked out his photographs. They are amazing! He really captures a persons personality.
    wall art

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