BC Professor and Alumna Mary Sherman Will Lead Discussion at Press Conference

From the TransCultural Exchange's "Coaster Project", by Augusto Citrangulo from Brazil

On Monday, April 12, the International Board of Advisors will gather for a Press Conference and Reception for Transcultural Exchange – an award-winning organization “dedicated to promoting international art and the understanding of world cultures, through high quality art exhibitions, cultural exchanges and educational programs at our home base in Boston and throughout the world.”   Founded by Mary Sherman in 1989, the organization has sponsored very successful worldwide international exhibitions, like The Coaster Project (2002) and The Tile Project (2004-2006), that include dozens of venues around the globe and hundreds of artists from different cultures and perspectives.  In developing the organization, Ms. Sherman hopes to “create art projects that transcend social, political, geographical and historical barriers.”

Currently teaching at Boston College and Northeastern University, Ms. Sherman is an artist, educator, and lecturer as well as the TransCultural Exchange’s Director and Chairman of the Board.

Alumni and faculty are welcome to attend the press conference and reception, and can contact Mary Sherman (shermana@bc.edu) directly for more information.


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