Contemporary Theatre’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Receives Critical Praise

A Midsummer Night's Dream from the Contemporary Theatre of BostonBC alumni Chris Cavalier ’87 and Betsi Graves Akerstein ’04 have reimagined Shakespeare’s classic work and created an altogether “unique and haunting” theater experience.  About the production, local theater critic Larry Stark wrote:

“To enjoy CTB’s Dream you would best have the same bravery, imagination and open-mindedness as the people who made it. Leave all preconceptions at the door, trust their artistic integrity — and your own — and walk into the dark…it will be impossible to look away. The Contemporary Theatre of Boston has re-interpreted Shakespeare in intense, sincerely expressed ways, and for those eager enough to try, the result can be magic — or blasphemy. You decide!”  The full review

Director Chris Cavalier, fresh from the New York theater circuit, founded The Contemporary Theatre of Boston in 2006 and his productions of David Mamet’s Oleanna and Jean Garnet’s The Mirror have received critical praise.   Cavalier produced, wrote and directed for the New York Stage with Zoo Theater Company and The Starving Class Theater.

Choreographer Betsi Graves Akerstein is director of the Boston-based contemporary dance company Urbanity Dance.

The show runs now through Saturday, June 19 at the Plaza Theater in the Boston Center for the Arts. For ticket information



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