BC Sophomore Makes Headlines with Brother as His Co-Writer

Daniel Lazour (St. John's High School) and Patrick Lazour '13

Patrick Lazour ’13 has co-written a musical called “Robynn McCree” to be performed this weekend at the Calliope Theatre in Boylston.  Co-written by his brother Dan (16), the show is set in Boston during the beginning of the 20th century as Irish immigrants struggle to find work, and activist McCree takes up their cause only to be forced into hiding. But she won’t give up the struggle easily.  The music for the show includes jigs, ballads, and Irish reels, and the cast consists of high school students, college students, and recent graduates.

Last summer, Dan and Patrick premiered their first collaboration – “Tribulations of  Millionaire” – at the same theater, and the event was a great success.  Patrick is a political science and theater major at Boston College.

See article at telegram.com

For information about the production


One comment

  1. Beryl Crystal · September 15, 2010

    Excellent – I think everybody can see that these two fine men are going to be very successful in life.

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