“Creating Social Activist Imagery” – Class Is Still Open

Still looking for one more class?  Want something that is both creative and socially responsible?  Want to know how to apply your artistic talents to greater causes?  Sure, it’s a theater class but it’s not just for theater students.

Creating Social Activist Images, CT366, is an interdisciplinary course examining the process of creating an ‘image event’, an event designed to grab the public’s attention and motivate people to take constructive action toward an important social need.   Students choose the social issues that interest them, research how all forms of art have impacted social movements and form teams to initiate their own course of action.  Like many grassroots movements, the course encourages self-driven learning and collaboration between organizations across campus and beyond.  By the end of the semester, realized ‘image events’ created by the class will serve as a visual statement, a tangible educational experience and an effective application of the artistic, communication and performance processes. Whether it is a new awareness of social issues, political activism, marketing of images, or visual and media literacy, the course will provide a means for students to make a difference through the production of an event which will be entirely their own.

The design challenge: “The class will create an ‘image event’ that serves to educate and move the public to actions that will enable positive social change.”

Noon to 1:30 PM  – Monday & Wednesday

Taught by:   Crystal Tiala

(It is only taught every other year so grab it now.)


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