BC Arts Professor and Alumna Contribute to Art Gallery Inaugural Exhibit

Boston College’s own Professor Sheila Gallagher is one of the artists featured in DODGEgallery’s inaugural exhibit Dramatis Personae in New York City. Professor Gallagher has contributed two works to the exhibition. The first, entitled SOS, is a single channel video. Daily Calendar Mandala, her second piece, measures 34 inches in diameter and is executed in archival ink print on paper.



Image of Sheila Gallagher's Daily Calendar Mandala

Click on the image to go to a highly detailed version at DODGEgallery


Professor Gallagher is not the only Boston College contributor to this new exhibit; recent graduate Patton Hindle is the Director of Operations at DODGEgallery. Hindle graduated in 2008 with her BA in Art History and English.

To see Professor Gallagher’s work in person along with the contributions of 10 other artists, visit the DODGEgallery at 15 Rivington Street, New York City. The gallery is open to the public from Tuesdays to Sundays from 11 am to 6 pm. The exhibit runs this month until September 26th.

To see more of the Dramatis Personae exhibit and to learn more about DODGEgallery, check out their web page.


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