BC Alum James Balog Wins 2010 Heinz Award

James BalogIn 2005, James Balog ’74 received the Arts Council Alumni Award for his work in nature photography, particularly his project Tree: A New Vision of the American Forest. Five years later, he has been honored as one of the 10 recipients of the prestigious Heinz Award. This year’s honorees are “providing innovative solutions to the most pressing global environmental challenges.” The award ceremony will take place on November 15th in Washington, D.C.

Balog’s current project is a unique and impressive feat: Over 70 pounds of customized camera equipment is embedded into mountainsides to record glacial melting and the changing face of our planet. The resulting images are no less than shocking. With images from Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Nepal, Canada, Bolivia, the Alps, and the northern Rocky Mountains,  Balog documents melting glaciers around the world through time-lapse photography.

This project has culminated in the Extreme Ice Survey, an organization that documents the work of James Balog and his team. Photo galleries and time lapse videos as well as more information about the project are available through their web site.

The following video is a presentation that James Balog gave including some of his photography sequences mapping the collapse of various glaciers.

Visit James Balog’s web site for more information about his work.


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