BC Alum Bill Chisholm To Exhibit at Roslindale Open Studios

On November 6th and 7th, 2010, BC alumnus Bill Chisholm ’87 will be one of the featured artists at the Roslindale Open Studios sponsored by the Roslindale Arts Alliance. Chisholm is a still life painter of mainly fruits and vegetables. This may sound passé to some readers, but Chisholm’s subjects genuinely capture their viewer’s interest. His pears are cozy, the cherries brash, the bananas exubrant, and the plums are downright sensual.

On his web site, Chisholm writes, “In my paintings of fruits and vegetables, my goal is not only to provide a realistic image of the subject but also to capture the object’s uniqueness and ‘character.’ I continue to build the layers of paint while exploring a diverse range of contemporary color fields and compositions frequently inspired from modernist and abstract painting. My objective is to develop these paintings until they express an emotive experience unique to the subject and the medium of oil paint.”

"Summer Love"

The 2010 Roslindale Open Studios is free and open to the public. With “art around every corner” and accessible by the MBTA commuter rail, Roslindale is the place for Boston art lovers to be next weekend. 100 artists will display their work around the community. This event is sponsored by the Roslindale Arts Alliance. Chisholm’s work will be found at the Sacred Heart School, 1035 Canterbury Street.


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