BC Staff Member Publishes Award-Winning Children’s Book

Janet Costa Bates, the Associate Director for Boston College’s Career Center, recently published a children’s book titled Seaside Dreams with illustrations by Lambert Davis. This story depicts the loving relationship between a young girl named Cora and her grandmother, an immigrant from Cape Verde. Cora’s grandmother is based on Bates’s own grandmother, Maria Piedade Costa.

From Booklist, Diane Foote writes, “This poignant tale of a special relationship between a young girl and her grandmother showcases the joy of gift giving as well as the importance of family connections. On Grandma’s seventieth birthday, family from near and far come together to celebrate. Sadly, Grandma’s sister Aura remains on the island where they grew up; Grandma’s sadness echoes the bittersweet feelings of many people far from their families and their birthplaces. Grandma tells Cora about a mantenha, or message, that might be received from someone far away, and that night Cora has a dream about Aura that inspires her birthday gift to Grandma: a jar of shells, sand, and water that perhaps Aura may have touched on her side of the ocean.”

Published by Lee & Low Books, Seaside Dreams has been honored as the 2010 recipient of the New Voices Award. Established in 2000, the New Voices Award encourages writers of color to submit their work to a publisher that takes pride in nurturing new talent.

Seaside Dreams is available in bookstores, from Amazon.com, and at the BC bookstore.


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