BC Heights Article Celebrates BC Bands Director Sebastian Bonaiuto

In a recent article in The Heights, the independent BC student newspaper, Allison Therrien featured BC Bands Director Sebastian Bonaiuto and the impact he has had on the music scene at Boston College in his 21 years of leadership.

An excerpt from the article:

Bonaiuto’s passion for both his job and humor about life are equally potent. “This is my 21st year here,” Bonaiuto said. “Or, there are two ways to say it – that I’m entering my 21st year or that I’m entering my third decade, whichever one sounds most impressive.” He believes equally in human potential and artistic power and knows that the arts go hand-in-hand with academics. “Great institutions deserve great art,” he likes to say. “You live an enriched, whole, and complete life when you are engaged by the arts.”

Check out the rest of the article here.


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