BC Alumnus Bob Parker ’50 Publishes Portrait of American Landscape

BC Alumnus Bob Parker has published a new book of his photograph called Images: America. Parker graduated from Boston College in 1950 and is currently a self-published writer and photographer. Images: America contains more than 400 photographs of the American landscape spanning the past five decades. A preview of Images: America is available online through blurb.com.

Some of Parker's Manhattan photography. Click on the image to see a larger version.

Parker’s photography features natural light, the effects of weather, patterns in both architecture and nature, and the ability to see beauty both in broad landscapes and in narrow angles. These artistic choices are reflected in the book itself. While the center of America is minimally represented in Parker’s tribute to America, the empty red chairs sitting in a worn Minnesota barn speak just as loudly as bright Manhattan lights.

Each image was chosen for its photographic quality. The result is a selection of images that capture the beauty of America instead of a collection of  American landmarks. Captured with images of the ageless Lincoln Memorial are two girls gazing at cherry blossom petals floating in the Reflection Pool.

To supplement these visual interpretation, Parker has included word portraits—his memories and impressions of individual states, people, and events. In “America, the Beautiful,” Parker writes, “I have interwoven among a few of these locations my memories of those visits. Some were written at the time, some recalled for this book. Their purpose is to add texture to my visual impressions, to bring a subjectivity that the images alone do not convey.”

Bob Parker has exhibited his photographs in New Jersey and Manhattan, often with his wife Margot. Publications he has edited have won numerous national awards, and his photography has earned numerous photo awards. He writes extensively about travel, finance, and the arts while his photography features simplicity and natural light. Parker has previously been featured in BC Arts Insider.


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