Jane Conway Caspe: Model, Author, and Attending Career Night!

Career Night for the Arts is just over a week away, and the Arts Council has been getting the skinny on life in the arts from our alumni guests. On Thursday Nov. 7th, 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.  in the McMullen Museum, Devlin Hall, students will have the chance to meet  professionals working in publishing, film, theatre, visual arts, music, and arts administration. Join us for an evening of conversation, and learn more about what to expect after graduation.
Our feature alumna today is Jane Conway Caspe, a regular Career Night patron who has a passion for sharing her knowledge of the fashion industry with students. Starting as a model before she graduated from BC, Jane has worked in the fashion industry for the last 30 years and found time, along the way, to co-author a book, The Nantucket Diet, published by Random House in 2005. Now, Jane is on the Board of Trustees at the School of Fashion Design, and recently produced/modeled for several shows at this year’s Boston Fashion Week. We talked to Jane about juggling several careers, and how her BC education helped her transcend the “just a model” label.

Jane is proud to belong to the BC family

Jane is proud to belong to the BC family

You’ve had  several successful arts careers! Do you think creative people are inclined to  try their hand at many things? Which of your creative exploits — modeling,  event planning, writing,  — did you find most rewarding?

Yes, I believe individuals who enter into careers in the arts have an entrepreneurial spirit and are always willing to try new ventures. In the fashion industry there are many different career paths one can take. Several of them are related and  can easily be combined. Many positions allow you to make your own schedule so you can take on several different tasks each day. You may work incredibly hard but if you love what you do it doesn’t seem like work at all. The most rewarding part of my career is mentoring young designers and models. It is a pleasure to be able to help them establish their careers and gain success in the industry.

Your modeling career started while you were still at BC. How did your time at college help you establish a career after graduation?

My time at college gave me the foundation and confidence to take on any career. I was able to start my businesses knowing I had a strong education that would help me succeed. There have been several occasions when I was chosen above others because of my degree from BC, to serve on Boards, to co-author a book, etc. It became known that I wasn’t “just a model.”

What is your number one tip  for a student who wants to break in to the fashion industry?

Never give up on your aspirations, and start establishing connections in the industry now. By attending events and volunteering, you can meet influential people who can help you further your goals. Local fashion professionals are always interested in young talent and are willing to help them enter into the industry. If you are passionate about having a career in the arts and work hard, you will be successful.

What makes you proud to be  an Eagle?

I am proud to be an Eagle because I know I am part of an incredible  group of like minded individuals who truly care about how they make their mark in the world.We are all a part of the BC family and that connection continues throughout our lifetime.

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