DOBC Reigned With Energetic Dance Show

With opening night out of the way, the Dance Organization of Boston College (DOBC) returned to deliver “Reign” in Robsham Theater to a very energetic and somewhat rowdy crowd. “Reign” mixed it up this year with using famous tunes such as “Gone, Gone, Gone,” classics like “Heartbreaker,” and the ever-emotional “Let Her Go.” The continuous energy throughout the show gave the audience a bang for their buck! A crowd favorite, “Latch,” (see photo) added some booty-shaking, whereas “Sweater Weather” gave a more graceful and elegant performance.  Under the direction of Alex Lorditch, these DOBC dancers were able show their varying styles and personalities. Junior choreographer Jenni Mannion gives an insider’s perspective, “This has been the most exciting year for me in DOBC. The whole club has worked incredibly hard the entire semester, and especially this week in dress rehearsal. The board could not be prouder of the dedication and fun times we’ve had and it all paid off last night in our opening show! I have learned so much from our Director, Alex, the rest of the board and club, and I cannot wait to see the success of DOBC this weekend and in the future! We hope to see everyone come out to support Reign this weekend!” Last night’s show was filled with energy, and the Finale tonight guarantees to be even better. Tickets sold in Robsham are only 10 dollars, head out and support DOBC in their performance “REIGN!”



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