Instruments Come to Life at “Carnival of the Animals”



Though you weren’t, as you might expect, greeted by little furry animals at the Boston College Music Department’s “Carnival of the Animals,”  the beautiful opera music sung by BC students along with the shrieks and laughs of the young children in attendance proved to be a wonderful alternative.

This year, the Music Department held its family opera in Lyons Hall.  The show began when two young women emerged on stage to sing a duet that mimicked different “meows”. The performers expertly — and hilariously — enacted a competition for the best “meow,” to the delight of the younger members of the audience. Then the artistic director, Barbara Gawlick, stepped on stage to introduce the show wearing a zebra costume that most of the children loved (except for the one little girl who started crying).  Throughout the performance the director interacted with the audience asking the children questions about duets, conductors, and instruments.  At one point she asked a few of the kids to come up and sing for her an A note.  When the crowd erupted in applause after each note, the smiles on the children’s faces were priceless.  Later in the show, the orchestra emerged and played small refrains following a narration of animal stories.

The performers were all very talented and were able to bring animals to life through music in a very creative way.  Many children that attended were younger students of Gawlick and therefore were in awe of the talented college-aged students.  Great job, Music Department!


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