University Chorale Dazzles at Winter Concert


Directed by John Finney, the University Chorale of Boston College performed wonderfully for their Winter Concert. The concert consisted of eleven pieces, each demonstrating the vocal range and ability of the performers. Throughout the performance, the chorale reflected the principles of Boston College by displaying Catholic tradition through the pieces’ Latin lyrics. On the altar stood a large group of diverse young singers whose music reverberated within the boundaries of the walls and within each member of the audience. One of the highlights of the performance was the Selections from Mass in G major, which consisted of four separate pieces, each highlighting a different section of the chorale. In addition, Dexter Kennedy was vital to the entirety of the performance as he dexterously played the organ, producing a melodic backdrop to the harmony of voices. Overall, the concert was a moving and tranquil recital, and gave the audience an opportunity for relaxation from the constant labor of midterm season.

In this upcoming semester, the University Chorale will be going on Spring Break Tour in Madrid and Barcelona early March. Their next few on-campus performances will be the Spring Concert at Trinity Chapel on Newton Campus on Saturday, April 12th and the Arts Festival at O’Neill Plaza on Thursday, April 24th.


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