Want to Meet a Record Label CEO? Come to Career Night for the Arts

By Cuilin Chen

David Altenor '09, CEO at Kingdomsound Music Group

David Altenor ’09, CEO at Kingdomsound Music Group

Students, Career Night for the Arts, the event that puts you in touch with professionals in a range of artistic fields, is happening tonight, 7-9 PM, at the McMullen Museum! Today, we’re talking to David Altenor ’09, CEO of music label kingdomsound. Join David, and a host of other accomplished BC alumni, for an evening of connections and conversation.

What is “spiritual” music, and what are the ideas behind it? Discover in David Altenor’s story. A Boston College Alum, David Altenor earned a degree in Theology in 2009, which turns out to have significant influence on his career as an artist. A multi-award winning artist, producer and songwriter, he is dedicated to creating music that carries the message of God, love and inspiration. He has worked with artists extensively and has appeared on television, the Apollo Theater and various national music tours. In 2012, he launched a record label, Kingdomsound Music Group, in the hope of effecting positive social changes.

We could see that your music is closely related to your studies in theology. How has your education at BC helped you find inspiration and become a successful musician?

I love creating positive and meaningful art. My experience at BC opened my eyes to the global issues and put everything in perspective, and enabled me to specifically focus on creating inspirational music. I felt a spirit of “change” the first time I stepped on this campus, and that feeling has never left since.

What is something fun and something frustrating about starting your own company? 

One fun thing is doing what I love most and being able to wake up in the morning and make music (whether producing, arranging, writing, or teaching) everyday for a living. One frustration I have is one with the music industry in general. Some aspects of the music industry could be far from ideal and thus challenging: for examples, bad deals, and lack of support for some music projects for various reasons.

As a dedicated artist, it must be a rather natural and habitual thing for you to stay creative. But when it comes to moments of creative blocks, how do you cope with it?

I usually step out of the studio for a bit and try to go for a drive or walk. My creative process is very spiritual. I’ve always found that the closer I am to God, whether in prayer or in reading the Bible, the more creative I am.

From an artist’s perspective, how would you describe your music; what are the impacts you wish to make with your work?

I create music with the hope that it will inspire and uplift others. I really try to use my gifts to make positive music that focuses on God, love and social issues. I believe that we should strive to inspire the next generation of artists to become a positive force in their local communities and abroad.


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