Dance the Week Away! Student Dancer Spotlight

In this week’s Arts Insider blogpost, we are giving you the down-low on all things Week of Dance and featuring some amazing Boston College dancers, who will give us an inside look into what makes dancing so special.

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As we prepare for the Fall 2015 Semester to end, the first ever Boston College “Week of Dance” is just around the corner!

After chilling with your family, being thankful, and chowing down on turkey (or tofurkey- we don’t judge) all that’s usually left upon returning to BC at the beginning of December is that impending sense of dread as finals loom closer and closer.


What the best way to get rid of all that exam-studying and paper-writing tension and start off finals week right?

Dance it away, of course!

For the entire week after Thanksgiving, Monday November 30th to Saturday December 5th, we will be hosting dance events that will help you shake off the stress and shape up for the end of the semester!

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On Monday night: get artsy with Cindy Chen (MCAS ’16) as she debuts an exhibit featuring original photography that’s all about dance! Join us for the opening reception in the Robsham Theater Lobby from 6:00-7:00pm. Her exhibit, entitled “PIQUE” is sure to pique your interest and give you a sneak peek into the world of dance that you can get involved with for the rest of the week!


Right after the opening reception will be Dance Movie Madness, with back-to-back showings of the most epic dance movies ever, Dirty Dancing and Stomp the Yard! Come “have the time of your life” and “give it everything you’ve got” with these two films and relax before the upcoming week of all things dance.

Next up are Dance Workshops! Dance Workshops run by BC Student Dance Groups at the Brighton Dance Studio. The best part: the classes are open to ALL LEVELS, so even if you have never danced a step in your life, you can come and learn a thing or two! After a weekend of lazing around at home eating stuffing and bingeing on Netflix, this is the perfect way to score a free workout to get back in shape for the end of the semester!

Uprising 5:00-6:00 PM
Dance Ensemble 6:00-7:00 PM

On Tap 5:00-6:00 PM
DOBC 6:00-7:00 PM

Phaymus 5:00-6:00 PM
Synergy 6:00-7:00 PM

Sign-up in advance to reserve a spot, but walk-ins will be welcome if reservations don’t fill up:

The week concludes with two nights of a collaborative performance of BC student dance groups! Tickets are available through Robsham Theater’s website, and you won’t want to miss this! Tickets will be on sale starting at 8:00am on November 30th!

Here we have a series of dancer features, so you can get to know the people behind dance at BC and why they find dancing to be a special part both of the BC experience and of life! Get to know these amazing students, get inspired, and get dancing!



Aashini Shrivastav from MASTI: “I am a classically trained dancer in Kathak (North Indian Classical Dance form) and I’ve been doing it since I was two years old. One thing I love about Kathak is the emotions it teaches you. Indian classical dance in general has a lot to do with expression and Kathak in particular is the dance of story telling. Therefore you learn about all the possible range of emotions. As a result, I’m a very dramatic person, because I feel like I know how to express myself at most given moments.”


Anne Wilder (CSOM ’16), is one of the student leaders of the Golden Eagles Dance Team, which performs in Alumni Stadium with the Screaming Eagles Marching band at halftime on game days. Anne has been dancing since she was a toddler, and loves jazz dance because of the “upbeat tempos and opportunities to have a lot of personality on stage.” Her favorite dance memory at BC is performing at the Pinstripe Bowl at Yankee Stadium last December: “Being able to perform with my teammates at such an amazing venue (especially for a New Yorker like me!) was such a great experience.”


Jeremy Baldwin (aka Latino Cappuccino) of Sexual Chocolate says “My favorite part about dancing is doing it with my brothers. That is easily one of the most rewarding feelings I have ever experienced. To get on a stage with my family and put on an amazing performance because of the hard work we all put in together, can never triumph over a victory I’ve achieved by myself. I live for SC and I die for SC.”


Alana Rose Caso of DOBC: “My BC experience would not be the same without DOBC. Not only have I grown as a dancer through experimenting with different genres, but I’ve also met some of my best friends through DOBC. DOBC has served as an incredible creative outlet and has enabled me to continue dancing in my college years. I am so grateful for DOBC!”

Alana Caso (CSOM ’16) is the director of DOBC (Dance Organization of Boston College). She started dancing at age 4 at the Dancer’s Workshop in Sudbury, MA, and has taken classes in ballet, tap, and jazz, but her favorite is jazz because of the “high energy nature of the performances.” Her favorite part of being in DOBC is their annual show week: “Show week is always the most fun week of the year. We get to focus on dance all day, every day and become even closer as a team.”


Emma Yates (MCAS ’18) of On Tap: ” Tap dance can invoke differing feelings within both the dancer and the audience. Traditional tap dance can bring people back to the eras of Charlie Chaplin or Gene Kelly and allow them for a moment to feel like they’ve been transported out of reality. Modern tap dance can blend together other styles of dance and add new unexpected twists. Tap is my favorite style because it adds a new layer of sound to music, and can also exist on its own as a form of music. On Tap has allowed me to continue dancing in a style that’s been a huge part of my life for fifteen years now, and learn more things about it from other people who love it as much as I do. I feel like my creativity and thought process has been expanded through this group. Balancing it with my studies has been challenging to say the least, but I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”


Kaitlyn Burrola of DE
“Dancing impacts my life because it has taught me discipline and commitment. It allows me to improve every day individually and to grow as a part of a team. Dancing allows me to feel something, during a two-minute piece, separate from all of the feelings and stress associated with my every day life… It has given me some of the closest friends that I have met on this campus, and it has pushed me to become a more creative choreographer and stronger performer. I thought that I would stop dancing in college, yet I cannot imagine the past 3 years without it.”

Kaitlyn (Connell School of Nursing’ 16) is the director of DE (The Dance Ensemble) for the 2015-2016 term. DE is mostly known for its energy, dedication, and talent performs different styles ranging from jazz, contemporary, tap, and hip hop to a more classical style like ballet. Initially, Kaitlyn competed in gymnastics and occasionally competed with an acrobatic dance team on the side. She then fell in love with “the emotion and meaning behind dance that gymnastics did not have” and enjoyed the physical challenges and emotional connection that dance offered her. She quit gymnastics and started to focus on dancing, competing all over Southern California. She became a member of DE in her freshman year. She is looking forward to participating in the Week of Dance as she states “spending time with the groups and sharing the Robsham stage will be something we have never done before and it will most definitely be a fun time together”

Join the BC Arts Council and all of these dancers to celebrate dance, art, and the end of the semester for the Week of Dance 2015!



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