The Big Buzz About Small Talk

By: Estefania Szapiro (’18)

 Small Talk

BC’s Battle of the Bands is coming up on Friday, March 18th @ 9PM in The Rat (Lyons Hall)

This a FREE event featuring six bands made up of BC students and friends. Come support local music and student artists as they play their hearts out and battle it out for a chance to perform at the 2016 BC Arts Festival!



Battle of the Bands features incredible talent.  All six acts will win you over if you go.  You’ll inevitably find yourself rooting for some bands to advance because their message and sound vibes with you.  It’s a great competition and those who attend should expect to be wowed”

– Small Talk

Small Talk Shares Their Story:

Battle of the Bands is right around the corner and we’re starting this great event with a feature on one of the six participating bands—the amazing Small Talk! The band is made up of four BC students: Connor Gallagher (CSOM’16) on bass, Sean Seaver (A&S’16) with vocals and guitar, and Meghan Kelleher (’16) and Katie Kelleher (’16) with vocals as well. There are two other members, Chris Sothierie (Berklee’16), who plays the drums, and Adam Dubuc (URI), who plays the synthesizer and samplers. Small Talk has been an official band for a few good months, but they’ve been playing together for about a year. The name of the band is supposed to be ironic—it comes from the macro-level issues and emotions the songs deal with, all of which are important to each band members’ life. Sean Seaver talks about the name of the band claiming it’s “an eternal challenge to do something meaningful and interesting, rather than empty and vapid small talk.”

Their inspiration and music taste is eclectic despite being a dreamy and psychedelic band. They claim that listening to different genres keeps them from being too dependent on one sound. Each member of the band is into a different type of music; Adam likes ambient music, Chris loves jazz, and Sean enjoys classic music. The bands they look up to, such as the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Impala and Animal Collective, inspire them to be themselves.

For Small Talk music is everywhere. You can find these guys playing shows throughout Boston at The Middle East, Great Scott, and even BC dorms. They have spent the past ten months preparing their second EP, “The Steal,” which will be released in the upcoming month. Right now they are trying to partner up with blogs in hopes of reaching as many ears as possible.

“Well just yesterday we released a song called “Undercover.” I wrote it in the wake of a breakup and it only has four words in the lyrics “love, how do I?” I guess I was trying to do the Ernest Hemingway iceberg approach, because the song says a lot more than just those four words. Production wise, I mixed it over four/five months. We produce and mix all our own material to make sure our initial vision is preserved. We’re going to be sending it to blogs soon so the results aren’t immediately clear at this point, but I’m optimistic.” – Sean Seaver

For more on Small Talk and to listen to some of their tunes, check out these links:

(Small Talk “Undercover” cover art by Cam Boylan)


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