Emerging Superstar: Check Out William Bolton Perform Live at BC’s Battle of the Bands!

by Amelie Lyons
Meet William Bolton, a double major in Business Marketing and Perspectives here at BC, who has played guitar since he was ten. He met his drummer, Victor Araromi ‘17  at BC and has been releasing music online for the last two years, pursuing a music career as he works towards his degree as well. It seems like its been working out pretty well for him-his internet plays total 5 million, and he is already slotted to perform at the Firefly Music Festival  in Delaware this summer! The June festival tickets are still on sale, and headliners include Mumford and Sons, Florence and the Machine, Deadmau5, A$AP Rocky, Blink-182, and Fetty Wap.
Bolton describes his music as “Modern Soul Music,” explaining, “I make modern Hip-Hop/Electro beats and sing over them with a soulful feel.” When asked what inspires him to make music Bolton says, “The joy of creating something beautiful, storytelling and dancing.” Bolton claims Pharrell, Kanye and Lana del Rey as his musical idols and when asked to describe the dynamic of his band in three words aptly chose,  “FUN SOULFUL ENERGY.”
Be sure to check out Bolton’s latest song, out this week- “Bae for the Night” as well as his Soundcloud, Spotify and Facebook. 
Most importantly, come and see him perform live at BC for the FREE Battle of the Bands event! Friday March 18th, at 9PM in the Rat!

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