Battle of the Bands: Meet Indie-Pop Duo Sixtowns

by Alexa Villareal

“Despite the event’s competitive nature, Battle of the Bands is a wonderfully unifying

event that showcases hidden BC talent and passion for music” –Wynnm Murphy


Wynnm Murphy didn’t know when she walked into her Fall Semester English class that she would meet her perfect musical match, but that’s just what happened. After meeting up for a few dorm room jam sessions with their friends, the two, Wynnm Murphy and Ryan Bradley, started the band Sixtowns. When mixed with Murphy’s folk lyrical background, Bradley’s jazz piano styling made a unique and groovy pairing. They partner their sounds with hip-hop inspired drum loops and synthesizers to create a one-of-a-kind indie-pop style.

Their newest single “Take Me There” for the band marks “a successful fusion and authentic representation of [their] sound. And [they] look forward to debuting it live for the first time at the Battle of the Bands.”

You can see this first performance live with five other bands at Battle of the Bands on Friday, March 18th @9pm in The Rat (Lyons Hall)!


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