The Matt Michienzie Band: Live Jams at this year’s BC Battle of the Bands!

by Alexa Villareal

image1 (1)

Hailing from Foxboro, MA, Matt Michienzie has been gigging in local bars and pubs since he was 16. A member of the Acoustics on campus, Michienzie also plays lead guitar and sings vocals alongside his self-proclaimed “partner in crime” Paul Wagenseller ’16 who plays the sax for his own band, the Matt Michienzie Band. They describe the sound as “Dave Matthews meets Blues Traveler meets Stevie Ray Vaughan” which for those who are unfamiliar with those names means upbeat blues-rock, with plenty of on-stage jams by the band. Michienzie describes the band’s lyrics as “simple, but expressive of how I feel about my life, where I’m at, and where I want to be.”

Michienzie is excited for Battle of the Bands because he hasn’t had the opportunity to perform his music much inside the BC community. He’s most excited about their song “Skylines” which “talks about what I look forward to in life, and it even touches on what my fears might be for whatever’s in store.”

Catch Michienzie and Wagenseller at Battle of the Bands on Friday March 18th @ 9pm in The Rat (Lyons Hall) and listen to their song “Skylines” on Soundcloud!


Check out Michienzie’s Facebook and make sure to listen to all of their tracks on Soundcloud before the event, then come out to BOTB to show your support!


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