Student Art Award Feature: Mallory Cotter!


Meet Mallory Cotter, a 2016 Arts Council Student Art Award recipient! The Arts Council is happy to recognize Mallory for her exemplary dedication and leadership in the realm of theatre management at Boston College. Pictured below is Mallory on the set of the Theatre Department’s January production of Almost Maine— Mallory was the lighting designer for the production. Mallory is member of the BC class of 2016, and an Environmental Geoscience & Theatre double major. As she looks back on her four years of involvement here in the arts, Mallory has some great advice for younger students: take hold of the opportunities Boston College provides and get involved!


In what ways have you been involved in the arts at Boston College?

My second home (arguably my first home with my dorm being the real second) has been backstage at the Robsham Theatre Arts Center. If a job has something to do with the technical side of the performing arts, I’ve probably done it. I’ve organized rehearsals and run shows in my role as a stage manager for various plays, musicals, dance shows, and the Arts Festival. Stage managing became a vehicle for me to get involved with theatrical lighting and audio – where I’ve worked as a technician and designer.

What has participating in the arts meant to you during your time at BC?

The arts community at BC is so strong and full of such immense talent. I love being in a position to support my peers and help them create the best performance possible. Collaboration is such a large portion of a successful performance and I love being able to be a key part of that.

How has your work in the arts informed your next steps after graduation?

I’m still figuring out my next steps after graduation – but I will be working this summer at a camp as a lighting designer.

If you could give some advice to younger students about the arts at BC and beyond, what would it be?

Get involved! Arts groups on campus are all big supportive families. The friends I have made in the theatre have pushed me to try new things both in the arts and outside and have been a key part of who I have become over my four years at BC.

What is your most memorable arts experience and what did you learn from it?

Sophomore year I was the stage manager for the Theatre Department’s workshop production of Circle Mirror Transformation. The production was directed and designed entirely by students under professor mentorship. We were all nervous, most of us taking on these design roles for the first time, but together we were able to collaborate and create a piece of theatre that we were (and still are) all extremely proud of.


Each year, the Boston College Arts Council recognizes an alumnus, a faculty member, and several students for their accomplishments and contributions to the arts in various disciplines. Alumni and faculty award recipients serve as role models, inspiring and guiding developing young artists in the BC community. The award recipients participate in programming at our annual campus-wide Arts Festival and interact in small-group settings with students in their fields. Student award recipients in sophomore, junior or senior years are recognized for their creativity and accomplishments, as well as for specific projects.

The 2016 Art Awards Ceremony and Reception will be held on Friday April 29th, in the Stokes Art Tent at 3pm. The event is free and open to the public, with no registration necessary. The Awards Ceremony will be from 3-4pm, and a reception with hors d’oeuvres and drinks will follow shortly from 4-5pm. See you there!


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