Meet Student Art Award Recipient Nick Robinson!



Meet Nick Robinson, Class of 2016! As a dedicated Theatre student and an Arts Council Production Manager superstar, Nick has earned his stripes in the BC art scene many times over. Nick shares his Art {Hi}story here to give you an inside look at the fun and rewarding work he’s accomplished in the art world, and how you can join him in following your dreams and creating your ideal life. In Nick’s words, “Just Create!”

Nick has spent his Boston College years working for the arts community in many different ways, both at the Boston College Arts Council and the Robsham Theater Arts Center, as well as with the Theatre Department. He is also a passionate and active member of BC’s Contemporary Theatre. Wonder how the BC Arts Festival always runs so smoothly? Nick’s always working behind the scenes, helping bring the Boston arts community together each Spring for our big celebration (check out this year’s full schedule here!).

Keep reading below to get the whole story, and be sure to join us in honoring Nick and other Student Art Award Recipients at The 2016 Arts Festival Awards Ceremony!

What has participating in the arts meant to you during your time at BC? 

Nick: The arts have become my home here.  I can’t imagine what my time here would have been like without them, and I don’t care to.  Spending late nights in the Robsham Theater Arts Center (and long days too) has defined my BC experience, forged lifelong friendships, and allowed me to indulge in theatre.  Working on the Arts Council these past four years as well as designing dance and cultural shows has introduced me to so many other lovely and passionate members of the arts community here, without whom my time here would not have been nearly as fun.

How has your work in the arts informed your next steps after graduation?

The arts are a part of my life.  Working with them here has made me realize that, for me, a happy life is predicated upon being involved in the arts in some way.  After graduation, I’m going off to work with Venture for America.  Part of the reason that I’m doing that is the hope that it will allow me to keep working with theatre and to gain the skills needed to make a more meaningful impact on the arts outside of BC.

If you could give some advice to younger students about the arts at BC and beyond, what would it be? 

Go for it!  Whatever ‘it’ is, the arts at BC and beyond are about imagining and creating things to your heart’s content without paying any mind to obstacles in your way.  It is so much more fun and rewarding to go out and make things instead of imagining what could be.  Join a club, found a club, loudly proclaim your passions in a public space– whatever floats your boat! Just create!

What is your most memorable arts experience and what did you learn from it?

It’s hard to chose just one, I’ve had some really awesome experiences here.  Top 3: Directing Bug for Contemporary Theatre, Light Designing Red last year, and the chaotic fun of Arts Fest these past 4 years.  What I’ve learned from all of them is to never underestimate the creative might of a group of passionate people collaborating together.

The 2016 Art Awards Ceremony and Reception will be held on Friday April 29th, in the Stokes Art Tent at 3pm. The event is free and open to the public, with no registration necessary. The Awards Ceremony will be from 3-4pm, and a reception with hors d’oeuvres and drinks will follow shortly from 4-5pm. See you there!



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