Graduate Student Artist Feature: Diana Sunder

Meet Diana Sunder, BC grad student, writer, and producer, as she shares her BC Art Story and inspiration behind With Love!

With Love is a full length drama which debuted Off-Broadway as a one-act play, and is now performing as a staged reading at the 2016 Arts Festival on Thursday April 28th at 7:30pm in the Stokes Art Tent! This BC talent is not to be missed!


The English graduate program at Boston College is home to Diana Sunder, a talented English Masters student with a knack for playwriting. Diana attended Colby College for her undergraduate studies, and graduated with an impressive resume: a BA in English, a concentration in Creative Writing, and a minor in Theater & Dance. Her current studies in the BC English Grad Program surround Early Modern and medieval drama. Diana is looking forward to her first BC Arts Festival production experience!

With Love tackles the issues of suicide, LGBTQ identity, and faith surrounding the main character Angelica, a 16-year-old from a tight knit family dealing with the recent suicide of her Uncle Jack. Audience members watch Angelica as she struggles to maneuver through her own grief as well as her sister’s. We also meet Jack, as he is portrayed confused and sitting in a mysterious waiting room.

Sunder’s inspiration for the play comes from a personal experience of a family member’s unfortunate suicide during her childhood. While coping with this issue head on as a child, she was unable to find media representations to turn to during the grieving process. This made her feel isolated – and that suicide was a “private problem.” Diana channeled this experience as she wrote the play, in an effort try and fill the void of representation and provide an example of how to behave, mourn, and move forward in times of loss.

Diana brings With Love to BC in hopes of connecting to the community. Diana wove Catholicism into the play; audience members will recognize that the family in the play is religious. With the current discussions around suicide and LGBTQ rights in the Catholic Church, Diana hopes the play may be able to strike a chord with members of the audience exploring their understanding of these topics. The play comes to BC after having been produced in two Off-Broadway competitions in 2014 where it was a finalist for Best Play (Spring One Act Competition, Manhattan Repertory Theatre and The Strawberry One Act Festival, The Riant Theatre) following its Colby College debut as a staged reading in 2013.

The show features BC talent in writing, producing, directing, and acting roles! Come enjoy With Love, and support our local arts at the production tonight, Thursday evening, at 7:30pm in the Stokes Art Tent! See you there!


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