Student Artist Features: Dance Edition! Meet Aashini Shrivastav and Elisa Bushee

Meet two talented BC Dancers: Aashini Shrivastav, of Boston College Masti, and Elisa Bushee, of Dance Organization of Boston College & Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company, as they share their dance Art {Hi}Stories with the BC Arts Insider. Don’t miss Aashini Shrivastav and Elisa Bushee as they perform in the 2016 Arts Festival !

Check out all of the Arts Fest’s dance programs:

Thursday April 28 @ 3:15pm- Dance Showcase! (free)

Friday April 29 @ 1:15pm-Dance Showcase-Critics’ Choice! (free)

Saturday April 30 @ 12:00pm- Dance Showcase! (free)

Saturday April 30 @ 8:00pm- Dancing with bOp! (free with Eagle ID, all others, $15 at the door, $10 for senior citizens)

(all in that giant, hard-to-miss tent in the O’Neill Plaza!)

Read on for a BC Arts Insider exclusive as both dancers share their stories and reflect on their experiences with performance art at Boston College…

Student Artist Feature: Meet Aashini Shrivastav!


In what ways have you been involved in the arts at Boston College?

I’ve been a part of BC Masti since my freshman year, and have been Captain of the team for 3 years now. It has truly been an amazing journey, as I’ve gotten to be a part of 4 amazing families filled with talented dancers. We have performed at many events, big or small, and each performance has come with hundreds of irreplaceable memories.

What has participating in the arts meant to you during your time at BC?

In addition to the stress-buster factor, Masti has truly provided an outlet for me to share my love for dance and Indian culture on campus. When I came to BC, I knew I wanted to try out for the team and spread the beauty of Bollywood fusion wherever I could. I love it when people ask me more about Masti’s dance styles, because it gives me the opportunity to educate people about this comprehensive art form. Furthermore, Masti literally means ‘fun’ and so needless to say, I have had a LOT of fun with the team over the last 4 years.

What is your most memorable arts experience and what did you learn from it?

I think my favorite experience so far, is winning in the Cultural category 2 years in a row at Showdown. When our name was announced last year, I was in sheer disbelief for several minutes. Winning consecutive years meant that Masti had come a long way from its founding in 2003, and that we were truly leaving our mark upon Boston College. It felt unreal.

What is your favorite Arts Festival memory?

I think my favorite Arts Festival memory is Dancing with bOp! last year. One of our team members had missed the tech time, and so was completely unaware of stage dimensions. Long story short, during a stunt he accidentally fell back into the singers and it was perhaps the team’s favorite stage moment of the year! His expression was absolutely priceless and we could not stop laughing as we continued to perform. It somehow made our performance better!

Student Artist Feature: Meet Elisa Bushee!


In what ways have you been involved in the arts at Boston College?

During my past four years at Boston College, I’ve danced and choreographed for Synergy Hip Hop Dance Company and the Dance Organization of Boston College. Each group showcases different styles of dance, but both are entirely student run.

What has participating in the arts meant to you during your time at BC?

Participating in the arts has contributed to my education as a whole person. Participating in Synergy and DOBC has kept me physically and mentally healthy. Getting involved the arts has allowed me to express knowledge and creativity in an outlet other than academics. I’ve been privileged to develop my teamwork and leadership skills through both groups. My dance groups have become my family. They have instilled confidence in me, and have supported me through my endeavors as a young adult. Participating in the arts at Boston College has made me feel like I have a purpose and that I belong.

Who or what inspires you and why?

The dance community of the world inspires me. I have learned tremendous amounts from each individual I’ve danced with. Whether it’s during rehearsals, or on stage during a performance, seeing my friends put all their energy and passion into the choreography motivates me! I’m also inspired by dancers and dance groups I’ve never met, but have seen their works on Youtube or on stage. Seeing other dancers put their whole heart into something they love ignites me and my soul to do the same! The ability to convey a message through movement is something that will forever leave me in awe about the concept of dance, and will forever inspire me to keep pursuing my passion for it.

What is your most memorable arts experience and what did you learn from it?

ALC Showdown 2016 was my most memorable arts experience. Showdown is always my favorite event of the year because it gives each dance group exposure to show the greater BC community what we love and what we work hard doing with the goal of promoting inclusivity and diversity. My last Showdown was bittersweet because I was sad it was my last one, but extremely proud of the works both Synergy and DOBC showcased. At the end of my final performance, the tremendous amount of love and support I could feel from my teammates left me in tears on stage. Even though I was in front of a crowd of 4,000, I truly realized that I dance–in the words of a former Synergy director–because I love it, not because I want the love.

Dancing w- Bop-final



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