Week of Dance Spotlight: Meet the Golden Eagles Dance Team!


by Rachel Vishanoff

The Golden Eagles Dance Team spends most of the fall season performing along side the Screaming Eagles Marching Band half time and throughout BC Game Days. But they also like to showcase student choreography in a wide variety of styles at events like Week of Dance and Arts Fest, and they spend their whole spring season exploring and celebrating the many diverse talents of the team.


Julia McTigue (MCAS ’20), a ballet dancer all her life, joined the Golden Eagles Dance Team this year to continue dancing in college and stay in shape, while also experiencing a new pace and style of dance. If she’s learned anything this season, she says that it’s “the importance of the whole rather than the individual.” To put on a good halftime show, everyone has to contribute equally with the final product in view—and that’s what gives the performance its impact. “What I like about the Dance Team is that we all have different backgrounds and talents and we all contribute in our own way.” For Julia, this goes far beyond the final product on the field. She already felt at home when she moved to campus and found a GEDT sign on her door to welcome her, and she loves that she was able to come to campus early and establish herself and make friends. “The upperclassmen have really taken me under their wing”—yet one more reason why she feels like the Golden Eagles have given her a home here at BC.

Rachel Vishanoff (MCAS ’18) is one of the student leaders for the Golden Eagles this year, and is most excited to be able to watch the team become such an important home at BC for the freshmen this year just like it has been for her. “Little things like the name plates on the doors of all our dancers’ rooms, and game-day sticky notes in everyone’s lockers have been special to me the past three years and it’s been wonderful to be on the other side of that this year and actually be helping to make those things happen for the team.” Her favorite game-day tradition is reciting Psalm 150 with everyone before taking the field. “It’s a reminder that who we are while no one is watching us is just as important, if not more, than what we put on the field that day, and that’s what makes the team special.”

The Golden Eagles Dance Team will be performing during the Week of Dance at the BC Dance Showcase! The Dance Showcase will perform twice, on Friday December 2nd at 7:00pm, and on Saturday December 3rd at 7:00pm, and features 12 different BC dance groups! Tickets on sale through the Robsham Theater Arts Center Box Office starting November 21st.

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