Meet Interior Designer Mark Haddad at Career Night for the Arts!

Meet Mark Haddad from the BC class of ’87. He is an accomplished Boston-area Interior Designer, and the Prinicipal (head designer) at Haddad Hakansson Design Studio! Mark will be one of the alumni attending Career Night for the Arts 2016! Come join us on Thursday, November 16th between7:00pm – 8:30pm in the Heights Room to meet tons of BC alumni working in the arts to network with alumni like Mark, ask questions, and get advice about developing your own creative career! Check out the Arts Council Career Night for the Arts website for more info, or look at the Facebook event page! This event is a collaborative endeavor between the Arts Council, the Career Center, and the Alumni Association, bringing together all of BC’s best resources to help BC students turn their creativity into a career. You can also read the bios of all of the attending alumni here. 


Interview by Rachel Vishanoff


Mark Haddad is Principal of Haddad Hakansson Design Studio, an award-winning, full-service interior design firm serving clientele in greater Boston, Cape Cod & Islands, throughout New England and beyond.  Established in 2001, the firm specializes in kitchen and bath design, custom cabinetry, whole house renovation and exceptional home décor. A Massachusetts native, Mark received his M.Ed. in Creative Arts Education from Lesley University and is certified as an Associate Kitchen and Bath Designer from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. Prior to beginning his own business, Mark worked as a music teacher and school administrator as well as a vocalist and musical director throughout the Boston area.  In addition, he has taught kitchen and bath design at Boston Architectural College from 2008-2015. Currently, Mark continues to be the choir director at The Church of St. John of Damascus in Dedham, and serves on the board of directors at SpeakEasy Stage Company in Boston.

Could you tell us a little bit about your time here at BC? What was a lesson or experience that was especially formative for you as an artist? 

It is hard to believe that I am celebrating my 30th reunion this year.  Although practically a lifetime ago, my experience at BC taught me to follow my passion, strive for excellence, and most importantly, develop confidence and independence in all that I do.

What drove you to start your own company, and how has that process shaped you and your work?

Owning my own business has always been a goal of mine.  When the opportunity presented itself, I took the necessary steps to determine the risks and timing of it all.  Through professional coaching I set goals.   When my personal and financial goals were met in half of the allotted time, I knew I had made the right decision.  This process has always been at the underlying core of my business – thankful for the success, allowing me to think outside the box, and knowing that each day will present something new, something challenging, and something wildly fulfilling.

Along with your work in design, you’ve also invested yourself in music and music education. What motivates your work with music, and how do you see the relationship between your work in music and your work in design?

Throughout my life, music has always been a part of my core.  I was fortunate to have the opportunity to work successfully as a musician and music educator.  Without music in my life, I feel a noticeable void.  Music centers me.  Being a musician inspires my design work allowing me to be constantly creative, to think logically and systematically, and to always strive for improvement in everything I do.

Do you have any advice for students looking to pursue a career in the arts?  

The best advice I ever received is the old cliché “follow your passion.” When you enjoy what you do, your career never feels like work.  Whether it be performance or visual arts, you enjoy it all – the ups and downs, the challenges, and especially the end product.

Thank you for the advice!

BC Students: Don’t forget to check out all of the amazing artistic alumni attending Career Night for the Arts 2016, and make sure to read our interviews with Maureen Donovan, the Deputy Director of Harvard Art Museums; Eric Butler, Theatre Producer; Erin Dionne, Author; Karen Stein, Art Director and Principal Designer at goodgood; Daron Manoogian, the Communications Director of Harvard Art MuseumsStephen Zubricki III, Principal Designer for Mystic View Design, Inc. ; and Lauren Pollock, Gallery Director of Leila Heller Gallery. Meet these alumni and more at Career Night for the Arts, Thursday November 17th, 2016 at 7-8:30pm in the Heights Room!

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