Week of Dance! with the Dance Organization of Boston College

By Rachel Vishanoff

In order to kick off the Arts Council & Robsham Theater Arts Center event Week of Dance, we have begun to explore the stories of the students that form Boston College’s various dance groups, so we would like to introduce you to BC sophomore and dancer Amy Feldman of the Dance Organization of Boston College!

Be sure to check out the Week of Dance Facebook event for more info and be sure to get your tickets from the Robsham Theater Arts Center!


Amy Feldman, a sophomore member of the Dance Organization of Boston College, started dancing when she was three. She comes from a family of dancers, and her inspiration to dance comes from her grandmother, who danced her whole life and continued pursuing her passion later in life by joining a theatre group. It was her grandmother who always taught her the importance of stage presence.


“I love DOBC because of how supportive we are of each other. It really feels like a family!”

DOBC has given Amy the opportunity to choreograph for a group of people she truly admires—a group that pushes her “to make creative choreography that is worthy of them.”

Another highlight for Amy was last year’s ALC Showdown! This was her first at BC and her first time dancing in front of so many people, and she says “It was great to see that so many people in the BC community appreciate dance.”

DOBC is an entirely student run group, with all of their rehearsals, studio classes, and conditioning classes run by its own members.

Be sure to check out the BC Week of Dance workshops throughout this week (schedule below) as well as the Week of Dance Showcase shows on Friday Dec 2nd at 7:00pm and Saturday Dec 3rd at 7:00pm; tickets through at Robsham Theater Arts Center.


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