Meet the Dancers of Week of Dance! Spotlight on Full Swing Dancers!

By Alexandra Villareal

In order to kick off the Arts Council event Week of Dance, we have begun to explore the stories of the students that form Boston College’s various dance groups, so we would like to introduce you to BC dancers Naz Subah and Dave Hoffman, two dance partners in BC’s swing group Full Swing!

Be sure to check out the Week of Dance Facebook event for more info and be sure to get your tickets from the Robsham Theater Arts Center!


Boston College’s high-flying, toe-taping dance group Full Swing will be returning to Week of Dance. We focus on two dancers, Naz Subah and Dave Huffman, who have been partners for three years. Naz is currently president of the club and Dave is also on the executive board, helping choreograph their dance for Showdown in the spring.

What’s your favorite memory of Full Swing?

Naz: My favorite memory is from a rehearsal my sophomore year. In the middle of an aerial, Dave lost grip of my ankle, but he continued to spin me, holding me by the toes. That was when I realized I could trust my partner to catch me, even if it was by the toes!

Dave: I’d have to say that my favorite memory was my sophomore year Showdown. After countless hours of work, just getting to be on that stage was such an incredible experience, but hearing the crowd’s applause afterwards was truly unforgettable.

Why did you join Full Swing and what made you stay?

Naz: I joined Full Swing because I wanted to learn a new style of dance. I had to quit a competitive dance team after my freshman year, so I needed something more easygoing, and Full Swing was just that. I stayed for the same reason as anyone else; we all really love to dance together and when we’re not dancing, we are hanging out together. My Full Swing fam knows me better than most people on campus.

Dave: I had a flyer shoved in my face by people dancing in the aisle on Club Day my freshman year.  I decided to go, because why not? I had fun and the people were so friendly and welcoming that I wanted to go back next week. The dancing kept being fun and the people that made up the club became my close friends. I wanted to go back, so I did. And still do.

Why do you like to dance?

Naz: Dance started off as a stress reliever, because it allows me to clear my mind and just throw myself into choreography. But as I’ve grown with dance, I recognize that the best part is being able to express individuality through dance.

Dave: I like dance because it is a great outlet. Dancing is inherently fun and expressive, and I’ve found that dancing can put a smile on your face even when you’re having a rough day. And when you’re close with the people you’re dancing with, there is no judgment, which makes you feel comfortable just being yourself.

What do you like most about being partners?

Naz: Dancing with a partner requires a tremendous amount of trust, which accumulates over time. You can anticipate a partner’s next move from his/her body language if trust and chemistry exist. Having danced with Dave for so long, I know his favorite moves and the meaning of his facial expressions

Dave: Naz was my first partner freshman year, and have danced with her a lot over the years. Not only do we have great chemistry, but also we feel comfortable together and just know how each other dance. More than that, though, she’s become a very close friend. I know she’ll always be there for me if I’m panicking and need advice or am stressed and just want to vent, just like how she knows I’ll always be there for her.

Come out and support Full Swing during the 2016 Week of Dance hosted by the Boston College Arts Council and the Robsham Theater Arts Center! Make sure to also check out the Full Swing Facebook Page and grab your tickets to Week of Dance online at the Robsham Theatre Arts Center.

Be sure to check out the BC Week of Dance workshops throughout this week (schedule below) as well as the Week of Dance Showcase shows on Friday Dec 2nd at 7:00pm and Saturday Dec 3rd at 7:00pm; tickets through at Robsham Theater Arts Center.


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