Week of Dance! Dancer Spotlight: Monica of On Tap

By Rachel Vishanoff

In order to kick off the Arts Council & Robsham Theater Arts Center event Week of Dance, we have begun to explore the stories of the students that form Boston College’s various dance groups, so we would like to introduce you to BC Senior and tapper Monica Cosica of BC’s On Tap!

Be sure to check out the Week of Dance Facebook event for more info and be sure to get your tickets from the Robsham Theater Arts Center!


On Tap is BC’s only all-tap dance group on campus, and it is also BC’s newest dance group! Since the spring of 2015, On Tap has grown tremendously and is now proud to perform in events like Week of Dance, Showdown, Arts Fest, and Dancing with bOp!

Monica Coscia, a dancer of 17 years, is a senior in On Tap and a member of the executive board.

“Watching On Tap grow through my transition as a member of the first e-board to a leader of the group has been one of my most formative experiences at Boston College: it has taught me that anyone with enough self-motivation and perseverance can turn his or her passion into a successful enterprise that has provided a community to dozens of dancers and entertainment to thousands of audience members.”

“Because I, like so many others at BC, am constantly expressing myself through complex conversations, discussions, and essays, dance allows me to self-express in a non-verbal, non-written way”

“Tap is my favorite style of dance because the possibilities for choreography are endless—there are innumerable combinations of each tap step that can be performed with any style of music or no music at all, mixed with other styles of dance like jazz and hip hop, and performed in traditional or modern styles.”

“Tap is its own language, and there is something unspeakably satisfying about many dancers speaking it in perfect unison.”


Be sure to check out the BC Week of Dance workshops throughout this week (schedule below) as well as the Week of Dance Showcase shows on Friday Dec 2nd at 7:00pm and Saturday Dec 3rd at 7:00pm; tickets through at Robsham Theater Arts Center.


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